Injury-Specific Rehabilitation For Various Injuries

Injury-Specific Rehabilitation For Various Injuries

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Whether you are experiencing the after-effects of a traumatic event, a repetitive stress injury or a brain injury, there is always a way to create an interactive treatment program that is focused on your specific rehabilitative needs and goals. Injury-specific rehabilitation is a personalized approach to treating an individual who has a specific injury or ailment. Your physiotherapist will work with you to develop a plan for your best recovery and prevention of recurrence. Let’s take a look at how injury-specific rehabilitation works and who can benefit from it?

How does injury-specific rehabilitation help?

Helps You Return To Pre-injury Functionality

You must know how capable your body was before the injury occurred. Injury-specific rehabilitation ensures that you get back to that level of performance and capability by incorporating exercises that target the affected area. These exercises help restore the strength and flexibility that may have been lost due to injury.

You Receive A Personalized Exercise Program

The difference between standard physiotherapy and injury-specific rehabilitation is that normal physiotherapy involves general exercises that improve overall body functions. However, injury-specific rehabilitation mainly targets the injured or affected area. These exercises are prescribed for the sole purpose of reducing the severity of the injury, restoring strength and range-of-motion, and ensuring that the chances of re-injury are minimal.

Regain Peak Athletic Performance

The main reason why most people take up injury-specific rehabilitation is because of sports or other athletic activity related injury. Which means most of these individuals are professionals or non-competing athletes. For these individuals, performing at their best for each and every event is very important. An injury can temporarily disable an athlete, which will affect his or her overall morale. This can make it difficult for the athlete to get back to the activity in full form.

This is why an injury-specific rehabilitation program is beneficial. It aims to help you recover as quickly as possible, along with educating you about the biomechanics of the part that has been injured, so the chances of the same injury occurring again will reduce. Not only that, susceptibility to other sports-related injuries will reduce as well.

Who Can Benefit From Injury-Specific Rehabilitation?

Professional and non-professional athletes: This rehabilitation program is for active individuals, especially those who take part in high-intensity sporting activities. They are most prone to injuries.

Individuals involved in traumatic accidents: Accidents are a part of life and some cannot be avoided. However, some can be dangerous and life changing. Getting back to normal daily life post a traumatic accident can be tough.

Individuals who’ve experienced brain injury: This injury-specific rehabilitation program involves two essential processes, which are restoration of the normal brain functions and learning how to do things differently when functions cannot be restored to pre-injury level.

Have you encountered any kind of injury, and want to get back to your normal daily life as quickly as possible? Consult with our expert therapists at HCR Edmonton to develop a personalized treatment for you.