Sports Massage, Your Secret to Glory!

Sports Massage, Your Secret to Glory!

A sports massage differs from a generic massage due to mostly the recipients’ requirements. In generic massage, the main aim of the recipient is to get relaxed or treated. The recipient of the sports massage seeks it as a more of regular health care. There is a considerable difference between the skill level and techniques required for generic massage and sports massage. All professional athletes use sports massage regularly.

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Drenches Lactic Acid Formed in the Muscles
Lactic acid is formed in the muscles as the athlete practices strenuously. During strenuous exercises, our body generally needs oxygen delivered at a higher rate than our respiratory system’s ability to deliver. The muscles, instead, break down glucose to generate energy using lactate (which gets converted from the stored pyruvate).
The accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles prevents athletes from training further. Sports massage smooths the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid to the muscles. The lymphatic system clears the lactic acid formation. Sports massage thus helps athletes to get in shape as soon as possible for the next training session.

Increases Flexibility
Regular sports massage increases the flexibility of the athletes. It relaxes and brings back the muscles to the original state. It also enables athletes to expand their range of motion gradually.    

Reduces Chronic Pain
Sometimes athletes have to bear with unavoidable chronic pain for a considerable time. Regular sports massage decreases the pain especially in certain musculoskeletal conditions like pain in neck, shoulders, lower back and knees.  
Prevents Injury
Athletes training hard to achieve their goals can easily overstretch and damage their muscles, tendons, ligaments or even joints. Sports massage stretches the connective tissue. Massage also improves the blood and other bodily circulation systems. The improved circulation not only prevents muscle adhesion but also helps to dissolve it. Sports massage therapy also reduces the risk of injuries by priming the muscles upfront for the strenuous exercises.

Aids in Recovery During Rehabilitation from Injury
Two things that athletes are most afraid of are bad form and injuries. A sports massage can be extremely beneficial during the rehabilitation period. This massage is particularly effective for injuries due to pulled muscles.

Reduces Soreness
Athletes generally suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) once they have tried a new exercise. The reasons for DOMS, though still unclear, it is usually assumed due to connective tissue damage or due to the body’s inflammatory reaction. The soreness generally peaks after 48 hours. It can take up to a week for the soreness to wither away completely.  

Research shows that sports massages help athletes to reduce stress and recover swiftly. If you are an aspiring sportsperson, a sports massage is a must for you. Call InHome Physical Therapy to book your appointments in Calgary now.