Toeing The Line: 4 Tips To Improve Your Balance

Toeing The Line: 4 Tips To Improve Your Balance

ave you recently had a fall or injured yourself due to a lack of balance? Or is your improper posture not allowing you to do your favorite sports activity? Whatever the trouble is, all these problems are caused by balance or more precisely due to the lack of it. Having good balance helps you prevent falls and injuries and lets you stay fit throughout your life. It also improves your posture, reduces back pain and strengthens your core muscles. 

However, despite its numerous benefits, balance and alignment training is one of the most neglected aspects of fitness training. Most people don’t think about improving their balance until it’s too late. But this isn’t just a concern for the elderly, balance training is essential for everybody, right from athletes to workout enthusiasts. 
Here are 4 effective ways to improve balance that help you exercise better:

  • Squats

Strengthening your leg, calf and thigh muscles is the first step towards improving your balance. This can be achieved by doing squats on a weekly basis. To do a perfect squat, follow these instructions:

  1. While maintaining a fixed distance between your knees and hips, bend your legs until your thighs are parallel to the ground. 

  2. Slowly, rise up from the stretch and repeat the movement. 

  3. Perform 3 sets of 10 squats every day to improve your alignment. 

If you are not used to doing squats, it’s recommended to not perform them all by yourself. Try activity specific training under the guidance of a physiotherapist to ensure a pain-free workout.

  • Exercise Therapy

If you haven’t thought of exercising with a professional Physical Therapist (PT), now is the good time to start. Exercise therapy is the key to improving your balance and alignment. It has been medically proven to be beneficial in many ways. Performing a carefully planned exercise routine with a PT restores your muscle strength and develops your confidence in your physical abilities.

  • One-Legged Balance

Never liked exercising but still want to improve your balance? The one-legged stretch is just the right technique for you. To perform this stretch, put your feet together. Now,  pick up one foot off the ground with your knee facing forward and stand in this position while taking the support of a chair. Hold the stretch for at least a minute and repeat the same movement by switching to the other foot. You can increase the time for which you hold the pose depending on your comfort in performing this exercise. 

  • Swiss Ball Balance

If you wish to add a little bit of fun to your workout routine, look out for Swiss ball balance. The Swiss ball technique not only improves your balance but also redefines your posture. Sit on a Swiss ball with your feet placed on the ground and thighs slightly tilted. With your spine and hips erect, lift one foot off the ground. Brace yourself and try to remain steady through the process. Once you get better at this stretch, lift both your feet off the ground and hold the pose for a few more seconds.

Keep these stretches in mind to correct your posture and improve your balance. If you have any difficulty in doing these exercises, consult our PT to guide you through the training.