Why You Need To Keep Moving

Why You Need To Keep Moving


You should always keep your body in motion whether it is through walking, going to the gym or physiotherapy. Movement becomes even more vital when you suffer an injury, have joint pains or arthritis. It is easy to stay bedridden or just move on the wheelchair, however it is difficult to keep walking.

So why is it important to keep moving? What advantages does it have even though you may be recovering from an accident or suffering joint pain?

Bring your Weight Down
The less weight you have, the less stress you give your joints. If movement can’t help you lose weight, it will at least help you keep it under control. A simple exercise of walking can boost your body metabolism and prevent it from slowing down to a point where your body accumulates body fat and weight, rather than breaking it down.

Maintain Muscle Strength
Whether you are in your senior years or recovering from an accident, your muscle strength would have slacked off. Muscle strength plays a critical factor in your endurance level and it becomes even more important as you grow older. As you pass 50 years and are plagued with a host of health problems, your muscles will start slacking off and lose their strength. The right movement can help build and maintain your muscle strength.

Balance Bone Density
As you build your muscle strength, your bones will increase their density too. Low bone density makes your bones too weak,while high bone density makes them too brittle. Both are a problem for senior persons. They are many documented studies that have noted how movement and exercise help build a balanced bone density. Movement demands the right bones density, and hence your body will automatically adjust to accommodate it.

Improves Heart Condition
Movement and exercise strengthen the heart muscles, gets rid of any fat and increases blood flow.

Control Diabetes
Diabetes is one of the most common diseases today. Studies have shown that movement helps the body regulate glucose, reduce the spikes of sugar in the blood and improve insulin production. Any movement will demand more energy from your body which comes from breaking down sugar to gain energy.

Use Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy, with a physical therapist, puts you in a room with a trained medical professional. Movement and exercise does not simply mean taking a walk around the block. Furthermore, if you are injured, a senior person or for any reason unable to walk, the usual exercises are not good enough.

A physical therapist takes your medical condition and living situation into consideration when suggesting exercises. Some exercises will be difficult and best to do be done under the supervision of a physical therapist.

This way even if you are injured or have a medical condition like arthritis, you can even continue moving. In the long run, it will improve your lifestyle and health. At HCR Solutions, we believe that movement is a way of life and necessary for healthy living.